Below I have outlined all the different categories that you can find when you are interested in racing in Belgium.

Broken down a bit more simple is if you are:

  • Elite Male, Non Pro: (1.12, 1.12A, 1.12B, 1.18 Open, and Gentleman Races)
  • Elite Female: (1.15 and Junior Men 1.14.3 races when there are no other 1.15 races in Belgium that day)
  • U23: (1.13 Beloften)
  • Juniors: (1.14.3 Juniors)
  • 15 to 16 years of age: (1.17.3 Nieuwelingen)
  • 12 to 14 years of age: (Aspiranten)
  • 8 to 11 years of age: (Miniemen)

There are other possible matches for each group, but these are the main categories for each group or age bracket.


ALLE CATEGORIEEN All Categories, use this option to find all the races in a given time frame. This option is nice if you want to make sure you don’t miss the option of a race you are eligible for, but not a main race classification you are eligible to ride (ie. a 1.12A is not a common option, but can be a nice race to do for an Elite without contract rider)
1.12 – Elite z.c./U23 – These are men’s races which are usually “Gesloten” or closed criteriums or derny races. You need to e-mail the organizer to ask for entry to the race BEFORE the race, preferably, well before. This race is open to both elite riders and U23 riders.
1.12A – km) Elite zc/U23/BCP Either a standard style kermesse race, which is a bit longer (120-140km) or sometimes a point-to-point race which includes some local laps (more a road race or interclub style). Has a higher payout than 1.12B races.
1.12B – ind.reg.wedstr.(100-120 km) Elite z.c./U23 This is a standard kermis race and will be your main staple of races for an elite male rider in Belgium on the road.
1.12 – Elite z.c. The same as the Elite z.c./U23 but without allowing U23’s to race, there are few races like this in Belgium.
Elite 1.12 Open Ind This is a big kermis race, but not a “Pro Kermesse” Usually longer than a 1.12A, but classified under a Elite M.C. race, it features an increased prize list and doesn’t allow the top pros to enter the race.
1.13 U23 This is a standard U23 kermesse – kermis race. Only U23 riders can enter.
Juniores 1.14 NAT A National calendar race for Juniors that takes place over one day.
1.14.3 Juniores Your standard Junior kermis race. Due note that women are allowed to do this race if no other race is taking place in Belgium on that day.
1.15 Dames Elite Your standard Elite Women’s bike race in Belgium.
1.16 Dames Jeugd A bike race for youth (15 to 16) women
1.16 Dames Jeugd (afwachtingswedstrijd) A youth bike race that happens before a larger event on the local circuit of the race.
1.16J Dames Juniores For junior women age 17 and 18
1.16N Dames Nieuwelingen For junior women under age 14
Nieuwelingen 1.17 NAT A National Calendar race for youth riders in Belgium, aged 13 and 14
1.17.3 Nieuwelingen A standard kermis style race for riders aged 13 and 14
1.18 Amateurs + Masters This is a race for Masters and Amateurs, Elite Without Contract and U23 riders are not allowed to start these. If you have a UCI License and are under 30 you are an ELITE rider. Be sure to check your license if you are over 30 and see if says ELITE or MASTER on it. If you want to do Masters races make sure it doesn’t say ELITE on it. There are sometimes separate races for each age group.
1.18 Open (Am./Mast./B.El.zc/B.U23) Similar to a 1.18 Amateurs + Masters, but is open to U23 and Elite Without Contact riders. Everyone rides together.
2.13 U23 A stage race specificly for U23 riders (Espoir – Beloften)
Juniores 2.14 NAT A National Calendar stage race for Juniors
2.15 Dames Elite IC A National Calendar stage race for Elite Women
2.16J Dames Juniores A junior women’s stage race
Nieuwelingen 2.17 NAT A youth 13 to 14 stage race
2.Pro Tour A Pro Tour stage race
Aspiranten The youngest category in Belgum for riders from 12 to 14 years old
BMX A BMX race, of course
Clubkampioenschap A Championships race for the club level teams in Belgium. If you are racing for a Belgian Club, you can inquire if you are eligible for this race with them.
Elites m.c./z.c./U23 These are the “big boy” kermis races. These are for professional riders and BELGIAN license holders. If you are an international rider (aka. NOT FROM BELGIUM OR WITH A BELGIAN LICENSE) you need to be racing for a UCI Trade Team to enter these races
Elite 1.12 This is an interclub race for Belgium, sometimes UCI classified and sometimes part of a top level year long series. These are closed races and you must be on a team that is selected to race these in order to race them
Elite 2.12 A stage race that is a top level interclub race. These are closed races and you must be on a team that is selected to race these in order to race them
Gentlemen A short “kermesse” which is open to amateur riders. A good way to get your feet wet into racing without going for a full on kermsse.
INDOOR This is for those goofy guys who want to play “football/soccer” on a bike
Ligfietsen no clue what these are …
Mountainbike Intern. Mountain bike that is an International Calendar race, best to use the UCI website to find these
Mountainbike Kids Kids Moutain bike races
Mountainbike Nationaal National Calendar Mountain bike races
Mountainbike Provinciaal Provincial level races
Mountainbike Regionaal Regional level races
Mountainbike Recr.prom.act. Tourist level race/ride
Men Elite mc A race that is reserved only for those who ride with a professional cycling team.
Men Elite 1.1 UCIMen Elite 1.2 UCIMen Elite 1.HCMen Elite 2.1 UCIMen Elite 2.2 UCIMen Elite 2.HC All these are UCI races which you must be on an invited UCI team to participate in.
Miniemen For riders 8 years up to 11 years of age, the really little guys.
Miniemen (afwachtingsproef) A race, usually before a bigger race, for riders up to 11 years of age.
Men Juniors NAT CUP UCIMen Juniors 1.1 UCIMen Juniors 2.NAT CUP UCIMen Juniors 2.1 UCI International and National Level one-day and stage races for Juniors.
Olympische Spelen Olympic Games
Personen met een handicap – klasse 1Personen met een handicap – klasse 1 – P1Personen met een handicap – klasse 1 – P2Personen met een handicap – Recreatief Handicap races based on their classification level
Piste Track races
World Tour UCI World Tour Races
Koers op rollen Roller races
Tijdrit Time Trials
UCI Course Histor. Wedstrijd UCI races that take place on the Historic Calendar
Veldrijden U23 Cyclocross races for U23 riders only (Beloften and Espoirs)
Veldrijden form. A Classification for Belgian Championships races, either Provincial or National
Veldrijden Klasse 1 UCI A C1 UCI cyclocross race
Veldrijden Klasse 2 UCI A C2 UCI cyclocross race
Veldrijden Aspiranten Cyclocross race for riders from age 8 to 11
Veldrijden form. B A standard Elite and U23 cyclocross race. The cyclocross equivilient to a kermis / kermesse
Veldrijden form. C. Cyclocross races for Juniors and Neuwlingen
Veldrijden form. D Cyclocross races for Masters and Amatuers, this group is split into 5 different groups:- Amateurs – up to 29 years in age- Master A – from 30 to 34 years- Master B – from 35 to 44 years- Master C – from 45 to 54 years

– Master D – from 55+ years

Veldrijden Dames A women’s specific cyclocross race
Veldrijden Gentlemen An amateur cyclocross race, a bit easier than a AM/MAS A race or Form B
Veldrijden Juniors UCI UCI classified race for Juniors
Veldrijden Miniemen Cyclocross race for riders from age 8 to 11 years
Women Elite World Cup UCIWomen Elite 1.1 UCIWomen Elite 1.2 UCIWomen Elite 2.1 UCIWomen Elite 2.2 UCI International Women’s Races for Elites
Women Juniors 1.1 UCIWomen Juniors 2.1 IC UCI International Junior Women’s races
Wereldkampioenschap A World Championship race