August 28th to September 25th, 2017 — Cost: €1349 euros (8 rider limit)

2015 U23 Cycling Development Camp

Are you racing for a Professional Continental or Continental team in 2017? Is your end of the season looking very slim on racing? Well what about coming to Belgium and getting in a large block of racing in the 150 to 180km range with travel times under 1.5 hours for every race!

  • August 30th – Geraardsbergen
  • August 31st – Kortemark
  • September 3rd – Wetteren (Derny Race)
  • September 8th – Izegem
  • September 12th – Desselgem
  • September 18th – Viane
  • September 19th – Vichte
  • September 21st – Stekene
  • September 23rd – Tienen

For each race we will do transport to/from and support during the race (people to feed during and a follow car in the race). We will also help negotiate with each race for start money once our numbers are finalized the group. Cost of course will include accommodation at The ChainStay and dinners on the nights of races.

Steen Wear - The Chainstay Devo team racing La Cantonale