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[toggle title=”If I am traveling alone will the price change?” state=”close”]You are able to request a single room for your stay during the Spring Classics, but please be aware that you will be charged a supplement. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Do I need to be a rider to do one of your bicycle tours?” state=”close”]You most certainly do not have to be a rider. There are plenty of things that non-riders can do in the area including many city visits, museums, shopping etc.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Why are your bicycle tours priced in euros?” state=”close”]All accommodation and travel fees are priced in euros, so by pricing our tours in euros it saves us from altering our cycling tour fees based on drastic currency fluctuations. We do offer the option to pay in USD, if you are interested in this option just contact us to find out all the details and the conversion rate.[/toggle]

[toggle title=” How much can I expect to be riding on a cycling tour?” state=”close”]Most of our guests elect to do the Tour of Flanders Sportif the day before the Tour of Flanders race. We are only 2km from the start and it is very easy to ride to. There are distances from 70km to 145km each year for you to choose. Our Paris-Roubaix ride is almost always around 95km long and takes in around 20+km of cobbles.  Other guided rides will vary in distance and speed, and will focus heavily on the Flemish Ardennes. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Where can I find information about other tours offered?” state=”close”]All of our available tours are listed on the Tour page. We are currently working on several other tour ideas, you can expect to find those details here once they become available. If there is a specific tour that you are looking for, we are always up for suggestions if we aren’t already working on it. We also offer personalized tours, check out the Tour page for more information.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Is dinner included every evening?” state=”close”]Unless otherwise stated, dinners are not included. This gives you the option to choose from numerous dining options in Oudenaarde. In the past most guests often choose to dine together even when given a “free choice” evening, so chances are you’ll never dine alone. Plus who says you have to eat local cuisine every night in Belgium? If Chinese take out makes you happy then have that!
We are more than happy to make dining suggestions and reservations for you during your stay, plus an evening shuttle to and from the town center means you can have an extra drink… or two. Cheers![/toggle]

[toggle title=” How fast are your rides on your cycling tours?” state=”close”]Generally our rides are around 25kph average (15.5mph). Each ride can be adapted to go slower or faster if the group desires, but our tours are designed for more of a vacation / leisure time, rather than a fast paced group ride. If you wish to get in the speed and the distance please consider contacting us about arranging a training camp for yourself and a group of friends you would like to train with. We can arrange the camp around a specific race or event to allow both the training you would like and the sightseeing you desire. Also, please come to our Spring Classics with at least enough fitness to sustain a 25kph rolling average for a 75km long ride. We have fairly tight schedules and extra long rides take out of the free time other guests would like to use for sightseeing. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Do you offer any group discounts?” state=”close”]YES! We offer groups looking to book on bicycle tours a discount. The minimum group size is 4 and from there we offer varying levels of discount depending on the group size and the availability of the tour. Contact us and we can discuss what we can do for your group.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”How are your tours less expensive than others?” state=”close”]Our tours are less expensive because we live in Europe and know where to get the best deals on things. We also host many of our tours through our home, The ChainStay, which saves us from passing on the cost of hotels (and lots of transfer time) onto our guests. We NEVER sacrifice quality for cost on our cycling tours and always provide a high level of service on all of our tours. Read what we have to offer on our bicycle tours and compare that to another competitor and we are sure you will find our tours the best value for money.[/toggle]

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