Belgium Racing Guide

Welcome to our guide to racing in Belgium!
Here you can find all the information you need to race and live in Belgium.
Good luck and keep the rubber side down,

Gregg and Holly, The ChainStay

Belgium Directory

Listed below are all the links mentioned in the Belgium Racing Guide, and many more. By no means is this an exhausted list, so we’ll be adding more great resources over time. If you feel like your link would be right at home amongst the others listed here contact us! General Information on Belgium Belgian …

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Jeremy Powers running the stairs

Cyclocross in Belgium

The following page will give you a quick overview of how cyclocross works in Belgium (more specifically Flanders). We will cover the different cyclocross categories for elites, amateurs and masters rider, plus what to expect from the cyclocross races in Belgium. Categories Below is an breakdown of the different category options for cyclocross, Veldrijden in …

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FAQs Racing & Living

How long can I stay in Belgium? Belgium is one of the many Schengen Countries within the European Union, many countries are not required to obtain a short term tourism visa before entering as they have a reciprocal visa agreement. This means for those with short term travel plans, once inside you are permitted to …

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Kermis Racing

Kermis racing (also written as Kermesse, Kermese, or Kermiskoers) is a staple of Belgian racing. Here you can find out all you need to know about how to find a list of races, what category of racer you fall into, signing in to a race, requirements, tactics, and finding results once the race is over. …

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Life in Belgium

One thing many racers overlook when planning their stay in Belgium is that the country may operate slightly different from what you are used to at home. This section talks briefly about the languages, currency, areas to live, food shopping, travel, transportation, communication, visiting the doctor, and the hospital system. This is one category that …

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Pre-Belgium Planning

So you want to come to Belgium and race bicycles? Well this section will help you plan for your trip to Belgium and give you some things to think about before you even leave for Belgium or enter your first kermis race.

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Training in Belgium

Navigation in Belgium There are no straight roads in Belgium, so getting lost is going to be part of the adventure. I would always recommend bringing a map (or gps unit) with you, and familiarizing yourself with the name of where you are staying and the main towns near to where you staying. Signage in …

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